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Some churches close their minds and their doors to persons with HIV/AIDS.

We believe that Jesus does not do so! 

     The Akron AIDS Collaborative is a ministry which does not ignore a significant health risk to people of all ages.  

Free and confidential HIV testing is available, and referrals are made for treatment and care.  

Appointments can be made by calling 330-431-0677.

Akron AIDS Collaborative's


     Saving the lives of our youth is our highest priority. Through education, information, advocacy, testing and enter-agency collaborative efforts, our mission is to reverse the alarming trend of new HIV infections in our community and to encourage proper life management for those currently positive with HIV/AIDS.

Akron AIDS Collaborative's


     The mission of the Akron AIDS Collaborative is to broaden the network of caring organizations in communities of color in order to influence social norms that contribute to the prevention of HIV/AIDS, and in order to increase advocacy for social services for people of color who are living with HIV/AIDS, and who have suffered from sexual orientation stigma within the African American community. 

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