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We are a Progressive Church

         We think, believe, and act outside the box. We believe the basis of the ministry of Jesus was one of offering mercy to all. We are not afraid to apply those teachings to situations we confront in today's world. 

      We believe that Christ was not hesitant to challenge individuals or to shake up the world and those in power. By bringing to light new understandings of God's love for the Creation, we believe that Jesus expects his followers to not be comfortable with church or the world in which they live. 

     By it's very nature, the church should attract and be open to those who are victims. Growing in faith brings us ever closer to an understanding of who Christ is and who we are to be.  

     Our motto is "First Grace; Then Faith and Works." We believe God's love is so extreme, it is that Grace which enables us to respond with faith and works.  

     We invite you to come and celebrate this loving relationship with us!  Until Covid 19 is no longer a threat, we will continue to receive via email Rev. Dreese's Sunday morning worship services and visit via Zoom at 11:00 every Sunday morning.  

     If you are interested, please contract Rev. Dreese.


(We hope to return to in-person worship soon.)

Our worship services are not formal but are sincere, informative, inspiring, and challenging. Rev. Dreese uses power point slides in order to facilitate his sermons, and he does not ask us to leave our brains at the door but to keep thinking for ourselves. We sing familiar and not so familiar hymns; worship is often introduced by music one may have saved on their telephone. We do not pass an offering plate, we are open and affirming and were so before it became popular, and we believe the Communion Table belongs to Christ, not to us; everyone is welcome to commune without barriers.

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